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BOTE | Blog Post: What to Wear Stand up Paddling

BOTE is a B2 Collaborative client in the outdoor industry based in Destin, FL. This informational blog post was developed as part of an ongoing relationship to create BOTE Journal content for the company's eCommerce website.

Scope: Content Development

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D2C outdoor blog post

Just because it isn't the stand up paddle equivalent of a bluebird day isn't a reason to stay home. If getting out on the water is a passion for you but you just need some direction on what to wear to make it a year-round hobby, you've come to the right place.

Whether you're a paddle board fishing enthusiast or SUP yoga pro, your experiences on the water shouldn't have to stop when summer comes to an end. Good news, it doesn't have to. All you need is a few essential items to stay comfortable and keep your SUP in the water through all the seasons.

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