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BOTE | Blog Post: How to Pack a Cooler for a Day on the Water

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There are few things more essential for a day on the water than a properly packed cooler.

Packing a cooler is more than just a party trick, it’s a skill that, when perfectly executed, makes for an excellent day on the water. Whether it’s keeping beer and juice boxes cold, or filled to the brim with a large batch cocktail, no day on the water is complete without a cooler full of cold beverages and snacks (if you have room). It’s hardly a glamorous task, but let us know the last time you didn’t pack your cooler very well and actually enjoyed a room temperature beer or cocktail in the blazing sun… we’ll wait.

Enjoying ice-cold, refreshing beverages *all day* long isn’t as simple as assembling your drinks and spare ice into your cooler in the garage on the way out the door. Ok, we guess it can be that easy, but is it really worth the risk? With just a few easy steps you’ll be sipping on ice cold beverages well into the evening… and even into day two or three.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to pack a cooler for a day on the water.


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