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4 Ways to Adopt AI into Your Content Marketing Strategy

We’ve got some tips on how AI can supercharge your content marketing strategy when working with limited resources.

Have you noticed a change in the way content reads lately? Maybe you've come across content pieces that are slightly off, but you can’t pinpoint what’s different. Welcome to the world of AI. While automation is changing how we all work, proving beneficial in many areas, it's not without quirks. Prioritizing structure and keywords over natural language flow, AI often offers generic and (even worse) unengaging content. Maybe not a problem in some industries, but in marketing, where authenticity is critical to building connections and trust with consumers, the lack of human insight and personalization can be detrimental.

Despite this, AI can be a helpful tool in content marketing, offering efficiency and scalability that human efforts alone can't match. If you’re one of the many without a team of copywriters and content creators, AI tools can certainly help you accomplish more with less. 

Here are a few ways to maximize your limited resources by implementing AI in your content marketing strategy.

Use AI Tools for Ideation

Staring at a blank page with no clear starting point is something professional copywriters deal with daily. Finding inspiration and crafting compelling content challenges even tenured writers. With the pressure to produce quality content that engages and converts, it’s easy to see how a small company with minimal staff could quickly become overwhelmed. Here is an area where AI can be tremendously helpful. 

AI-powered tools offer a quick way to generate content ideas and outlines, kickstarting your writing process. In the past, this kind of collaboration happened organically in an office setting, but with the rise of remote work, AI support can bridge the gap and provide a creative boost. Consider it a digital brainstorming session, enhancing your content creation workflow!

Need some ideas for a blog post? Want to find the best way to structure a content piece? Simply enter your query into your chosen AI tool and see what it generates. Anticipate some trial and error and recognize that the more detailed your prompt is, the better the outcome. When the results come in, review the options and select those that best align with your goals. Then, refine and tweak as needed to ensure the results convey your core message, reflect your brand and tone, and resonate with your audience.


B2 Tip: Never take an AI prompt verbatim. Verify for accuracy and adjust to meet your needs. 

Capitalize on AI-Driven Content Assistance

Notice we didn’t say content writing! One of the drawbacks of AI systems is that the content they generate isn’t original, which can be a huge problem when you’re striving for authenticity. Gathering information from pre-existing patterns and learned data, AI simply interprets your query and offers a response based on how it understands the input and its programmed algorithms. AI systems have limited knowledge and no personal experience to draw from. They can also be inaccurate and even biased. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t leverage these valuable tools to create outlines and assist with content. AI works particularly well for scanning large amounts of information and consolidating the results, narrowing your search and saving invaluable time. Use it to inspire new ideas, but understand its limitations. Although it may provide logical and well-organized information, it’s often overly formal, repetitive, and wordy. Let AI supply the framework, then embellish the content based on personal knowledge, experience, and supplemental research.

Remember, AI will sound persuasive even if it doesn’t have an accurate answer, so fact-checking is crucial!  Unsupervised AI-generated content can wreak havoc, so strive to blend its capabilities with a human touch, ensuring your content resonates authentically.


B2 Tip: Always have a second set of eyes, and even a third set if you can manage, to proofread your content. This will help ensure authenticity and help you stand apart in the AI world.

Utilize AI-Driven Keyword Research

Ah, the dreaded keywords. Love or hate them, but know they’re the bread and butter of SEO. Knowing what words your target audience will use to search for information isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Choosing the right keywords, knowing where to place them, and how often to use them can make or break your content’s visibility. It should be a priority in every piece of content. 

If you’ve done it, you know searching for keywords is repetitive and time-consuming. With search engines continuously changing algorithms, crafting content that reaches and strikes a chord with your audience is even more challenging. Fear not; with some help from AI-powered tools, you can streamline this process and retrieve relevant keywords in a fraction of the time! 

Highly adept at analyzing large data sets quickly, AI will assess trends, user behavior, and search engine algorithms, then suggest relevant hashtags and keywords for your content. By optimizing content for search engines, you’ll have a better chance of reaching a broader audience and driving engagement!


B2 Tip: Make sure you’re incorporating keywords effectively. It’s less of a quantity-play and more about the use and placement of the keywords.

Polish with AI Proofreading and Editing Tools

Ah, the moment of triumph! After hours of crafting that perfect content piece, it’s finally complete. Now comes the not-so-fun part: editing. As a small business with limited resources, you’re lucky if you have someone able and willing to review your masterpiece and make suggestions. Here’s one area where AI shines bright. 

Use AI to detect readability errors, correct grammar and spelling mistakes, and identify weak words. It will also offer suggestions on tone, syntax, punctuation, and sentence structure. You may not agree with all of the suggestions, but implement those that improve the clarity or impact of your writing. Remember that while AI can be helpful with editing, maintaining accuracy and retaining your unique brand voice are up to you!

B2 Tip: Stay true to yourself and your business. While editing is an area where AI shines, you know your brand better than the machine.

B2 Collaborative: Your Comprehensive Content Marketing Partner 

While AI won’t completely transform your content marketing strategy overnight, it can offer benefits to streamline processes and give you back some time. If you’re looking for other ways to improve your content marketing strategy, let B2 Collaborative help! Our expertise and range of services run the gamut, from social media and email marketing to website content, search engine optimization, and everything in between!

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