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BOTE | Blog Post: SUP Camping: What to Pack

BOTE Board is a B2 Collaborative eCommerce client in the outdoor industry. This blog post was developed as part of an ongoing content retainer, in which B2 writes a series of blog posts each month for the company blog.

Scope: Content Strategy, Content Development, Blogging

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There are a few really great things about SUP camping: First, it gives you killer access to pristine natural areas you might not otherwise reach via car camping or even backpacking. Second, it's a journey trip, which adds an explorative expedition quality to the paddle board experience (aka you feel like Lewis & Clark or Tom Sawyer). Finally, you can pack as much beer as you want without worrying about weight. Okay, we're partly kidding about that last one, but what is true about SUP camping is that if you pack smart, you can pack more. More than backpacking, for instance, where some folks skimp on clean underwear just to shed a couple of ounces. Not necessary with SUP camping.


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