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BOTE | Blog Post: How to Fly Fish From a Paddle Board

BOTE is a B2 Collaborative client in the outdoor industry based in Destin, FL. This SEO-focused blog post was developed as part of an ongoing relationship to help develop BOTE Journal content for the company website.

Scope: Content Planning, Content Development

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Whether you're an avid fly fisherman venturing into the world of stand up paddle fishing or a SUP enthusiast who wants to try his hand at fly fishing from a paddle board, you've come to the right place. One of the most daunting things about fishing or fly fishing from a paddle board for the first time is the idea that a paddle board isn't stable enough. What makes our products unique is that every single board offers maximum stability for its size, weight, construction, and shape, thanks to our industry changing Gatorshell Technology and AeroBOTE Technology.

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