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BOTE | Blog Post: Tips for Night Fishing

BOTE is a B2 Collaborative outdoor industry client in the direct-to-consumer eCommerce space. This content type was developed as part of an ongoing content retainer supporting the company blog. 

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fishing blog post

Night fishing: a tried and true activity for adventure anglers and diehard fishing enthusiasts. It’s a challenge most are unwilling to take on; after all, fishing at night is like eliminating one of your five senses, and an important one at that - your sight. But the payoff and thrill of hooking a night-dwelling fish are totally worth it, especially when you’re night fishing on a SUP, skiff, or kayak.

Night fishing from SUPs, skiffs, and kayaks is growing in popularity, and it’s understandable as to why. It combines a love for casting a lure with an obsession to be on the water and takes you to places a standard boat can’t. When you head out on a stand up paddle board, skiff, or kayak at night, well, you just can’t get much closer to nature. Plus, you’ve got the added edge of stealth and silence. The fish will never see you coming.


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